Depth of Profiteering Between Bidens and Chinese Communists Exposed


The clip below is the third in a series of GOP senators releasing receipts of dealings between the Biden family and an energy company under the control of the Chinese government. The first two presentations in the series showed that Hunter Biden actively worked to expand the foothold of ChiCom CEFC in the US and elsewhere.

The Bidens did it for a price. The documents presented yesterday focus on Joe Biden’s brother, James Biden.

Democrats and their media kept this under wraps. All they had to do was claim it was Russian disinformation. Both Senators Grassley and Johnson explained how that was not the case.

State-controlled CEFC funneled millions to Hunter to offer legal representation to the “spy chief of China,” Dr. Patrick Ho Chi-Ping. The money was transferred to Hunter’s company Owasco. And it was transferred through a middleman company just as Ho was taken into custody for corruption and bribery.


James also received vaguely assigned funds from some of communist China’s biggest players.

Together, James and Hunter’s companies received more than $4.8 million from CEFC, “an arm of the Chinese government,” between August 2017 and September 2018. James’s company Lion Hall Group alone received $1.4 million from CEFC via at least 20 wire transfers from Hunter’s company Owasco, something The Washington Post recently admitted.

In addition to receiving money from CEFC, Hunter and James both profited off of numerous deals with CCP oligarchs and operated companies. All operate under the auspices and beneficence of the Chinese Communist government.

The two were receiving hundreds of thousands of dollars in wire payments. The senators have bank statements and credit card documents in addition to receipts of payments.

“These transfers aren’t by accident. There’s clearly a scheme here,” Senator Grassley said. “There’s a plan among and between all these individuals and their respective companies.”

“The spending spree included airline tickets, purchases at Apple stores, hotels, and restaurants,” Grassley noted.

“With these new records, there can be no doubt that James Biden was financially connected to corporations and individuals with extensive links to communist China,” Grassley said. “And that he and Hunter Biden were in it together, working to help a Chinese government-linked energy company pursue deals and expand its reach in the energy sector.”

It wasn’t only China. The deals stretched to Ukraine, Khazakstan, and other corrupt nations. The deals even included Russia.

Evidence is mounting! The president and his family profiteered with our enemies. Despite that, the Biden administration has “been totally unresponsive” to GOP “oversight requests.”

Where’s Merrick Garland?


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