Can We Trade AOC, the “Squad” & Bernie for Cubans Waving American Flags?



In every major league sport, there are trades being made between teams. There are even times when nations exchange people they no longer want for those they’d like to have.

So now might be an excellent time for the U.S. to begin negotiations with Cuba. Let’s discuss switching their patriotic, troublesome, American flag-waving dissidents, for our Socialist/Communist bigmouths, who sympathize with that island’s repressive regime.

Think of the opportunity this could present for both countries,
We could send them all those limousine Marxist/Socialists who trash us while virtue signaling the benefits of an all-consuming, liberty choking “state”.

And they could send us some of those increasingly problematic, disruptive, freedom-loving heretics seeking independence.

While I don’t think the commies would have a tough time finding folks to send here, I think it unlikely some of our most outspoken “America Last” elected officials, AOC, the Squad, and Bernie Sanders to name just a few, would agree to the switcheroo.

The reasons are obvious.

The trapped Cubans would look forward to an escape from a dictatorial hellhole to a land of self-determination and opportunity.

Meanwhile, the likes of Cortez, Cori Bush, Sanders, and others would have to wave bye-bye to some pretty sweet goodies.

Can anyone imagine Alexandria forgoing her new Tesla? How about Bush ditching $69,000 worth of private “first-class executive protection and security”? I’d pay for socialist hypocrite Bernie’s ticket if he abandons his multi-million dollar, multi-home real estate portfolio, for a life in Cuba.

OK so, we can be virtually certain none of this nation’s biggest critics, would actually walk the walk, after blabbing the talk, cause they have it way too good

But why not try? These hypocrites could call our bluff and that might
actually, work out.

How? Cause not even the commies in Cuba would want this bunch of
spoiled malcontents running around loose in their “tropical paradise”

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