MSNBC’s nut job guest reveals the biggest national security threat


The replacement host for Joy Reid is as crazy as she is and he had two other clowns on to discuss the most dangerous threat to America. It’s not ISIS, al Qaeda, Russia, no not them.

A ‘national security’ guy, who was actually a middling pencil pusher, said this on-air:

“I’ve spent my whole career not as a political operative. I’ve never worked on a campaign in my life other than campaigning against Trump. I’m a national security guy. I’ve worked in national security against ISIS and Al Qaeda and Russia, and the number one national security threat I’ve ever seen in my life to this country’s democracy is the party that I’m in — the Republican Party. It is the number one national security threat to the United States of America.”

Do these people realize how insane they sound to normal people?

Eric Swalwell, who was in some kind of entanglement with a CCP spy, was a clown guest and nodded as clown Miles Taylor prattled.

Taylor is the infamous Anonymous, who never even met Donald Trump, but wrote an anonymous exposé on him for the communist NY Times. He wrote a book ripping into him as well. His path never even crossed Donald Trump’s.

Taylor is a liar and got caught lying on air. He pretends he’s a high-level agent and a Republican. In real life, he was a DHS pencil pusher who donated to Barack Obama and endorsed Joe Biden. Not only is Taylor a Democrat donor and a CNN contributor, but he lied and told CNN twice on-air that he was not Anonymous.

What kind of people watch this idiocy?


Taylor must have found out about how we are all buying nukes and F-15s:

Babylon Bee:

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Vasily vs. Major Konig
Vasily vs. Major Konig
1 year ago

@ Geek,

We get to play the Indians after being sold out by our so called best and brightest.
History repeats, nothing new under the sun.
Shhh…don’t tell the mommygov will build me the utopia people about the Indians of North America.

1 year ago

So we have “National Security People” who believe that an America First Policy is a threat to America. It’s hard to make this stuff up and be believable. Prior to the Clinton Administration, people like this were considered Insider Threats. Now American Haters are the ones who the Bureaucratic Deep State recruits.

1 year ago

Talk about misinformation! The Liberals are truly misinformation artists.

John Vieira
1 year ago

The fact that the imbecilic Main sewer Stream fake Media still attracts any ‘viewers/readers/et al is a sad commentary on same…their audience id est…

1 year ago

A gatling ICBM launcher! Sometimes you can’t nuke it from orbit to be sure.