Canada-Inspired NZ Protesters Are Brutalized by Ardern’s Jackboots


Scenes of brutality emerged on social media on Thursday after police in New Zealand brutalized the anti-mandate “Freedom Convoy” protesters demonstrating against Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern’s hardline COVID-19 policies.

A nude woman was dragged away from the crowd after she attempted to make her way through a line of police officers who pinned her to the ground, one of whom appeared to plant his knee on the back of her head as two other officers placed her in restraints.

As reported by the Daily Mail, hundreds of trucks, cars, and motorcycles carrying thousands of people from across the country converged upon the nation’s capital of Wellington on Tuesday morning, inspired by the Freedom Convoy protests in Canada.

Many brought Canadian flags with them, but Jacinda Ardern and her administration are communists. So, they brutalized the demonstrators.

The protesters are opposed to the mask mandates and Ardern’s ridiculously draconian and punitive COV measures in a country with almost no COV.

They want their freedom back.

Traffic was brought to a crawl as vehicles blocked roads around the parliament buildings and other locations around the city, with thousands of protesters demanding a return of pre-pandemic freedoms.

Hundreds of protesters gathered in front of parliament to hear speakers and shout slogans denouncing Ardern.

Police put up a barricade where violent clashes broke out between the police and some protest groups. Police were evicting them.

Speaking to the Morning Report, Ardern says she had no intention of engaging with the protesters at parliament, Newshub reported.

She wouldn’t, she’s the ruler and they have no say. Ardern won’t even let exiled New Zealanders return home with or without vaccination and that’s after two years. They are currently suing to get home.

New Zealand has a vaccine passport mandate and treats the unvaxxed like lepers.


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1 year ago
Kevin O'Brien
Kevin O'Brien
1 year ago

Thanks Canada for the inspiration.
However the people were getting ready in NZ. The convoys were amazing, some had to stay in the South Island as transport across Cook Strait was not available.
The Freedom Convoy 22 would have stretched from Wellington a third of the way to Auckland if it was laid out on the main highway–a 150Km convoy!

Even more amazing were the participants. These were not anti-vaxers or activists, many already had too many jabs. This is a peoples’ revolt. It is women and children, workman, farmers tradies with a small smattering of professionals. Also there is a large Maori influence affirming the right to freedom. Strangely, almost like osmosis, they have an understanding of the legal and technical issues.

The people are protesting because they have lost faith in the govt’s promises about the so called vaccines. They have not worked and sufficient families have been impacted that the untruths have been slowly revealed. The proposal to jab children when it did not work for adults was too far.

The people are rightfully angry that they have deceived. The govt are misreading them. NZ is small and the Police will have close relatives among the protesters.This matter can only be enlarged. If MP’s are not prepared to meet the people assembled before Parliament they will have to deal with them elsewhere. The political landscape has changed–none of the present political parties know what to do. They will have to acknowledge they got it wrong and return to regular medical protocols not Fauci’s dollar drumbeat. The scam has been caught.

Police brutality which I witnessed is not appreciated by a purposeful non-violent crowd. It attests to the govt’s lack of integrity. Effectively a new political party has arisen with a backbone of integrity and a yearning for justice. I knew that was needed but never expected it to appear like it has done. There is wonderful unity across the diverse community of protesters. A govt that cannot recognise that is not fit to govern.

Brian Richard Allen
Brian Richard Allen
1 year ago

The weak and gutless and imbecilic failed forty-years-old former-fish-and-chip-shop functionary become failed former Socialist-International-Youth fuehrer: the feckless fascist-Marxist, Jac-ass Ardern:– she of the teeth;– has her come-uppance a-coming.

Thank God.

1 year ago

NZers are pussies. The goon cops know they are “just following orders” and can go home and quietly spend time with their families…..or can they?

1 year ago

Be strong Kiwis! Freedom NEVER comes free. There will be pain and losses, but keep the pressure on. Non violent, non destructive, but overwhelming is the key.