Canada’s Quota on EVs Basically Bans Gas Cars in Two Years


Within two years’ time, 20% of all cars that have to be sold in Canada are going to be zero emissions. “It’s bananas. It’s not achievable, and I can tell you people, if they want a car, they need to buy it now because we’re entering into a period of rationing. There’s no other way around it,” says Alberta Premier Smith.

“I spoke to the manufacturers, and they told me the way it will work is …to reduce the amount of gas-fueled vehicles that they sell. So if you only buy 2,000 vehicles in the Alberta market, they’re only going to be able to sell 8,000 gas-fueled vehicles in our market. We buy 200,000 vehicles a year, and so we have to expect that what they’re going to do is essentially phase out the traditional auto sector.”

There is no way to override the insane UN-controlled Trudeau government.

“How are we going to be able to build out our electricity grid and our powering stations? How do we build out our fueling stations if it’s hydrogen? We don’t even have hydrogen production happening in our market so it’s really the height of arrogance on the part of this environment minister.”

“I know the manufacturers and the dealers have been talking to him for two years, and it’s like hitting a head against a brick wall.”

“There’s just been no movement on it, and now consumers are going to suffer, and I wish there was more I could do other than warn people to go out and buy a car.”

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Canadian Friend
Canadian Friend
2 months ago


GM told Buick dealers, invest in EVs or lose the franchise.

so far about one thousand chose to lose the franchise because they know EVs don t sell.

from the Wall Street Journal,

” … General Motors (GM) has bought out about half of its 2,000 Buick dealers nationwide, based on their decision to not sell electric vehicles, according to a company spokesman Wednesday.Dealers who are taking the buyout would give up the Buick franchise and no longer sell the brand, he said. The dealer can continue to sell other GM models, such as Chevrolet or GMC, that often account for a higher percentage of sales.

The Wall Street Journal reported in late 2022 that the automaker planned to offer buyouts to its U.S. Buick dealer network.

The move came after the Detroit automaker gave the dealers a choice: Invest at least $300,000 to sell and service electric vehicles, or exit the Buick franchise. The investments would cover EV chargers and worker training, among other initiatives. …”

Peter B. Prange
Peter B. Prange
2 months ago

Like Montana, Alberta, Manitoba, Ontario and Saskatchewan have a lot of wide open spaces. This will be interesting.

2 months ago

I heard it’s cold there a lot.