Pothole Pete Wants Speed Cameras Everywhere – Vehicles for Corruption


Pothole Pete wasn’t given the job as Secretary of Transportation because he’s qualified. Mr. Buttigieg got the job because he’s a gay man married to another gay man and he’s an obedient leftist. Mr. Buttigieg, the son of a famous communist professor, is redesigning our roads with control in mind.

He has said that Americans “need a national change of mentality,” according to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette in an article last week. Mr. B means you have to get used to government control.

Pothole Pete, who received the nickname because he couldn’t manage to get the potholes fixed in South Bend, has called for increasing the use of speed cameras as part of his national transportation plan. The plan is funded by a huge infrastructure bill passed by Congress. It isn’t aimed at fixing our ailing infrastructure so much as fake racist roads and control of the masses.

Buttigieg has an absolutely absurd goal of zero car deaths

“Today we commit that our goal is this: zero. Our goal is zero deaths” from traffic accidents, Buttigieg said Thursday, according to The Associated Press. “The decision to commit to that goal in a serious way at a national level changes the way cities and towns design roads, changes the way companies build cars, changes the way people drive.”

The plan calls for “re-engineering roads.”

“The strategy recommends pilot programs to study and promote greater use of speed cameras, which the department says could provide more equitable enforcement than police traffic stops,” the AP reported.

Speed cameras are posted on the side of the road to monitor every car every minute.

It’s a vehicle for political corruption

In Britain, they consider these cameras a war on motorists as it fills the coffers of politicians, and has done so for 30 years.

Pete has even suggested making cars with a very low top speed and automatic braking. It’s always about control with this new Dem party.

When communist Bill de Blasio put in a zero death policy on the roads, the deaths of pedestrians and cyclists rose.

Speed and red-light cameras have been found to be unconstitutional in some cases, yet they are proliferating — in 18 states.

A court ruling in one case declared speed cameras or at least the process they engender is unconstitutional. In that city, the officials had to repay all tickets, according to Fox News. Speed light cameras are what you might see in a police state. They also take away due process. The court agreed.

The case was complicated and the decision was based on several court cases. The judge agreed with the plaintiffs that it was unjust enrichment.

A number of states and locales use red light and speed cameras. Supporters say they aid law enforcement, improve safety, and bring in revenue. The critical voices, however, are growing and they say they invade privacy, administer backdoor tax increases, fill the pockets of for-profit companies and cause accidents in some cases.

As a result, states and locales have very different ordinances regarding these cameras.

Once they’re in, they become vehicles for more corruption, and the insurance stats are manipulated. It’s hard or impossible to get rid of them once they get them in place. The FreeThoughtProject spent six years working on it in one small town in Ohio before they won.

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