Canadian Truckers Protest Vax Tyranny at US-Canada Border


Truckers are traveling from every province converging in Ottawa. Patriots from all over Canada will be attending. Will stay there until this ends! Convoys are being organized to head to Ottawa. If you wish to join a convoy, details will be listed shortly. Expected date Jan 29.

~ Canadian Trucker Flyer

Canadian truckers came through as promised and are blocking all lanes of traffic to and from the United States. Truckers in other countries, particularly Italy, have done something similar. So far, the Leftist rulers plow ahead. The rulers in the Western World do not have the mandate to do this but they don’t care.

One truck sign read: “MANDATE FREEDOM.”

No one should be forced to take a drug unless there is a pandemic calling for it. COV isn’t it. Certainly, Omicron doesn’t warrant these extreme, arbitrary restrictions.

Canada mandated a vaccine for every cross-border trucker that took effect on January 15. The US has one taking effect on January 22. Why do they need to be vaxxed when they sit alone in their trucks? This is just for control and has no basis in science.

I love this man:

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