Whoops! Canadian Truckers Have to Be Vaxxed After All — by Tomorrow


The Canadian government made a mistake! They did not rescind the vaccine mandate for Canadian truckers who are cross-border commercial truck drivers.  As of January 15th, they have to be vaccinated.  All truck drivers from the U.S. or Canada will have to prove their vaccinated status in order to cross the border.

The federal government says that unvaccinated Canadian truckers will not be exempted from the new federal vaccine mandate for truck drivers coming into effect this weekend.

In a joint statement, Canada’s transportation, health, and public safety ministers said that Canada’s initial policy requiring truckers coming into Canada to be fully vaccinated, or face PCR testing and quarantine requirements, stands.

The Canada Border Services Agency told reporters on Wednesday that unvaxxed Canadian truck drivers were exempted, but not American truckers.

The one thing you can count on from authoritarians is confusion, ineptitude, and chaos.

Hundreds of billions of dollars worth of goods pass through the US-Canada border each year and this is only going to add to the supply chain problems.

Canadian officials clarified yesterday that they will not be exempt. As of tomorrow, here’s what Canada’s policy will be, according to the Wall Street Journal:

Canada will ban U.S. and other foreign truckers from entering the country unless they are fully vaccinated. Canada will require unvaccinated Canadian drivers to show a negative, molecular Covid-19 test taken 72 hours prior to reaching the border before they are allowed entry. Those drivers will also have to quarantine for a 14-day period, which industry groups say will hurt fleets that are already short-staffed.

The U.S. is scheduled to follow up with a vaccine mandate of its own for Canadian truck drivers one week from tomorrow. The Supreme Court ruling does not affect that mandate, the Journal says since it is a border restriction.

It will cause delays. Most of the Canadian truckers are vaccinated but even 10% to 15% will cause a problem. Not sure about American drivers.

All of this is Biden’s fault. He insisted on the truckers being vaccinated for no good reason. They sit in a truck. And what happened to Biden working with our allies?

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8 months ago

To all the truckers in canada at 12 tonight park your truck wherever you are at and lock it down. on ramps, off ramps. overpasses and city streets. Let whatever is in the trucks get stolen or rot. Reefer drivers remember to cut off fuel supply to refrigeration units. I never drove into canada for one reason and its because of there rules of carrying loads. If you are an american you can bring a load across the border into canada but they will not let you bring a load from canada into the US so you have to dead head back which cuts down on profit but there is no such restriction on canadian truckers.

Sick of it All
Sick of it All
8 months ago

And then there’s the thugs breaking into cargo trains in Los Angeles and stealing millions of dollars of merchandise meant to be delivered to homes throughout the country. Yes we can.

sdkfz 250 vs bren gun carrier
sdkfz 250 vs bren gun carrier
8 months ago

Contradictory incompetence or malevolence after internet scuttlebutt?
The CDC is usually the master of mixed messages that are ever changing.
These gov minions that hate their own people must have some great bolt out bunkers.