CANCELED! Vatican Canceled Biden’s Live Broadcast with the Pope


The President of the United States is set to meet the Red Pope, but without explanation, the Vatican canceled the live broadcast of the meeting, The Washington Post reported.

It sparked complaints from White House- and Vatican-accredited journalists, The Post reports. The Vatican blamed COVID.

According to the Post, canceled was the live coverage of Biden actually greeting Francis in the Palace Throne Room, as well as the live footage of the two men sitting down to begin their private talks in Francis’ library, at which time the cameras would have stopped running.

How is that necessary unless the Pope is angry with Biden for his evil approach to abortion or Biden is afraid he’ll embarrass himself?  The Vatican canceled it.

The US has the most murderous abortion law in the world, shared by only six other countries.

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki responded to questions.

“What I can assure you of is that we are working through every lever we have to advocate for access for the press pool and for the press when the president visits the Vatican. We believe in the value of the free press. We believe in the value of ensuring you have access to the president’s trips and his visits overseas,” the propagandist said to reporters on Thursday.

“We are going on a visit. It is not a host here, so I can’t offer you a guarantee, but I can guarantee you we will continue to advocate,” the press secretary said.

The Bishops Will Soon Have Their Say But We’re Not Counting on Them

The Pope doesn’t seem to want anything done about Biden mandaing all Americans to pay for the killing of the unborn to the moment of birth, but we don’t know for sure. The US Bishops are expected to comment on Biden’s dictum to remove the Hyde Amendment, making all Americans complicit in the killing of the unborn.

But the Roman Catholic Bishops of the United States ignored a warning from the Vatican, and went ahead and supported guidance on the sacrament of the Eucharist that would deny Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, and other pro-abortion Democrats the sacrament, The New York Times reported.

Biden is Catholic and a really evil one.

Watch (Psaki is evil too and she’s good at it.):

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