Candidate of the billionaire party promises $22 an hour to burger flippers


Democratic presidential hopeful, climate change extremist — Tom Steyer — just vowed to raise the minimum wage to $22 per hour if he gets elected. If that’s a minimum wage, it will apply to burger flippers and similar positions.

Why stop at $22? Why not $32 or $132?

Fox Business reported that Steyer first made the announcement during a campaign block party on Sunday in South Carolina. Currently, he’s polling second, behind Joe Biden in the state.

The current minimum wage is $7.25 per hour at a federal level. However, many states have raised it to compete with higher costs of living. The reality is that the higher the minimum wage goes, the more small businesses and some large businesses fold.

According to a July 2019 report from the Congressional Budget Office, a minimum wage hike to $15 per hour could negatively impact the American people. It could result in 1.3 million workers losing their jobs if the past is prologue.

That $22 an hour should help accelerate the growth of the robot industry.

In addition to unaffordable salaries, Steyer wants us all to pay out reparations to people we never enslaved and who were never enslaved. He will promise anything.

Politico reports that Steyer has reportedly spent approximately $14 million in television and radio ads in South Carolina, and he sees the state as crucial to his campaign’s success as his fellow candidates focus on the New Hampshire primary.

The Democrat Party is the party of old white people and millionaires and billionaires with bizarre ideas.

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