Capitol invader arrested again, MSM forgets to mention he’s a far-left agitator


Local news Fox 13 reported that John Sullivan was arrested again in his home in Utah and $90,000 was seized.

He famously sold his footage of the Capitol breach and the killing of Ashli Babbitt to the cable news networks after he invaded the Capitol on January 6th with a CNN reporter, Jade Sacker.

The two of them encouraged others to breach the Capitol. Sullivan and the reporter excitedly exclaimed that they did it as they invaded.


Nowhere in the Fox 13 or Reuters article do they mention that he is a hard-Left revolutionary – nowhere except a vague comment at the end of the Reuters piece. They only talk about this invasion of the Capitol with an emotion-provoking photo of the breach.

All Fox wrote was: Sullivan is one of several Utahns charged with being involved in the insurrection.

Reuters wrote: Prosecutors also have filed additional criminal charges against the man, John Earle Sullivan, a self-described political activist who is accused of entering the Capitol building and participating in the riot, the filings unsealed on Thursday showed.

The outlet also wrote: According to the court filings, Sullivan portrayed himself as an independent journalist who was reporting on the chaos, but actually encouraged other participants to “burn” the building and engage in violence.

That’s true but, again, they failed to mention he was a far-Left agitator.

Reuters also noted that five people died. The truth is that only one person died as a result of the breach and she was shot by a Capitol Hill Lt. who appeared to take her life unlawfully.

At the very end, the outlet admits: According to media reports, Sullivan participated in Black Lives Matter protests last year. Other Black Lives Matter activists in his home state have disavowed him.

They forgot to mention that he formed his own radical left-wing group.

The media is a disgrace.

The court filings cited by Reuters, which were unsealed Thursday, show that Sullivan faces new charges. He faces eight criminal counts, including weapons charges.

One of the most distressing things about this is he was released from prison while far more innocent people are held in solitary in a D.C. prison.

Here’s John Sullivan:

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