Carpe Donktum was suspended! Most popular Trump meme maker on Twitter


Popular Trump meme maker Carpe Donktum was suspended for copyright infringements. When he creates the video memes, he takes widely-available clips just like everyone else.

Memes drive a lot of interest and opinions. Twitter knows that. Facebook is going after memes also. Jokes and satire are mostly not allowed.

This comes after a funny video clip that was made into an ad and was then retweeted by the president. The ad was a clip of a little white toddler boy running up to a black toddler boy and hugging him. Carpe took it and made it seem like the white baby was running after the black baby because he was racist. The ad was dubbed ‘racist baby,’ but what really got them angry is a fake CNN chyron was put under it. It was obviously a joke, with ‘toddler’ spelled wrong and @CarpeDonktum in the bottom right corner.

Twitter also censored the President today for tweeting that the radicals in D.C. who went wild in Lafayette Park again last night would be met with force. No one is describing exactly what happened. These lunatics again damaged the historic Episcopal Church, damaged the statue of President Jackson, and tried to tear it down. They were screaming, cursing, throwing various objects at agents.

Twitter’s arrogance is daunting.

Twitter also recently suspended a British conservative who supported Trump — Katie Hopkins.

All this is coming before the election. Nothing to see here.

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