The Peter Bernegger Case


An elections integrity activist and self-described investigative reporter, Peter Bernegger, was arrested on a criminal complaint for “Simulating Legal Process.” As you might suspect from the title, it’s rarely used, with only two convictions since 1977.

According to American Legal, a person commits a simulating legal process when he or she issues or delivers any document that he or she knows falsely purports to be or simulates any civil or criminal process. It’s a Class B Misdemeanor.

He has engaged in relentless legal efforts to prove fraud in the 2020 election but has not succeeded.

The Democrat District Attorney of Madison, Ismael R. Ozanne, is overseeing the case. Mr. Bernegger’s supporters suspect the Department of Justice orchestrated it.

Bernegger did not appear in court on Monday, April 1, 2024, in Madison. Court Commissioner Mark Fremgen issued an arrest warrant. Mr. Bernegger later turned himself in.

Bernegger has allegedly exposed how patented software in computerized voting systems could tamper with our elections. Proponents claim he has made the connections between the Electronic Registration Information Center (ERIC) and the Soros-funded Center for Election Innovation and Research (CEIR), which exclusively provides voter data to Democrat and progressive groups, hinting at potential bias.

The Wisconsin reporter is said to have revealed numerous violations of election laws by Meagan Wolfe, Wisconsin’s chief election official.

For example, she endorsed illegal ballot drop boxes and permitted absentee voting without the use of Special Voting Deputies.

Recently, Mr. Bernegger exposed “Smurfing,” a scheme involving elderly citizens unknowingly used to funnel money into political campaigns in Wisconsin. They were allegedly falsely named as donors so money could be laundered.

James O’Keefe interviewed several of the donors that appears to back up Bernegger’s findings.

A Racine-based group, H.O.T. government, teamed with Bernegger to file 50 ethics complaints with the Wisconsin Ethics Commission against both Democratic and Republican campaigns for allegedly accepting laundered funds and published the complaints. They used data from the FEC and CFIS to document the complaints. It involved twenty Wisconsin counties and reached the highest levels of government, including Supreme Court Justice Janet Protasiewicz and Attorney General Josh Kaul.

They allegedly received significant campaign funds from laundered donations.

Supporters say Mr. Bernegger’s arrest is lawfare aimed at silencing him. So far, his complaints have been fruitless.

Peter Bernegger, 60, is a grandson of the founders of Hillshire Farm, the Wisconsin deli meat and sausage company.

Critics point out that he was convicted of fraud once.

A 2008 indictment accused Bernegger and a business partner in Mississippi of deceiving investors, bilking them of $790,000 in various ventures — including the development of a gelatin, intended for pharmaceutical or cosmetic companies, made from the carcasses of catfish. A federal jury acquitted the partner, who has since died, but convicted Bernegger of mail and bank fraud. He was sentenced to 70 months in prison and ordered to pay nearly $2.2 million in restitution.

Bernegger overwhelmed the courts with claims to clear his name, and his restitution was reduced to roughly $1.7 million. He never cleared his name.

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