Castro says we need migrants ‘more than ever’ to replace OLD CITIZENS


Presidential hopeful and hardcore leftist Julian Castro is the son of agitating communist for LaRaza, Rosie Castro. He is pushing hard for open borders and socialism.

Castro said, “We don’t just believe in putting people first when it comes to immigration. We believe in putting people first when it comes to healthcare, jobs, education, and all aspects of our lives.”

In order to give all these freebies, to foreigners here illegally as well, he needs to have control of all our money. The government does not have any money.

On Wednesday evening at a counter rally to the President’s, he said the United States needs migrants today “more than ever before” and will be “begging” for more migrants in the future if the country does not allow more to stay.”

More than 106,000 anonymous people poured into the United States over our unsecured borders last month, and those are only the ones we caught. They came from 50 different countries, some very bad countries that hate us.

The truth is, that in many ways, this country needs them more than ever before,” Castro said. “Our agriculture industry, our hospitality industry, our construction industry already utilize labor from migrants.”


Castro also said that though “this is a bit politically incorrect to say to some people,” the country also needs migrants because of the nation’s aging population.

“We have a population in the United States that is aging, the fastest growing demographic are baby boomers [majority white] turning 65 and drawing down on Social Security,” Castro continued.

“We see countries around the world like Japan that need younger workers. And let me tell you something, if we don’t get this right, in 20 or 30 years the United States is going to be begging immigrants to come to make a youthful and vibrant workforce. We need them today more than ever before.”

He wants those workers to be illegal aliens who send all their spare money back home. The majority receive welfare. His argument is bogus.

“We’re here today to stand up for immigrants,” he told a San Antonio crowd. “We’re here today to put People First.  We’re not going to treat migrants like criminals, we’re going to treat them like human beings. I’m going to need your support to help make sure this is possible,” KSAT reported.

No one treats them like animals now. He’s referencing a comment the President made about MS-13 and pretending the President meant all migrants. The U.S. treats no one like animals, not even MS-13 animals.

Castro recently introduced an immigration plan that would decriminalize illegal immigration, during a border crisis.

The next clip represents the views of the supporters of decolonization (advocating the overthrow of the Southwestern United States). It’s one of Rosie Castro’s former contemporaries.

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