Catching Soho Karen and Bringing Her to Justice


A woman wrongly accused a 14-year-old black teenager of stealing her iPhone, but, as it turned out, she left her phone in a cab. End of story, right? Not in New York. It took place in a Soho Hotel so the media called her Soho Karen since they didn’t know her name. The name Karen comes from a smear against so-called spoiled white women.

Her lawyer said she was “scared” and anxious, rather than racist. A reporter tracked her down to Los Angeles and asked her why she did it. She said “because I’m 22,” adding she’s Puerto Rican. Her name is Miya Ponsetto.

Reporters were sent across the country to report about her, and the cancel culture uncovered her identity from social media.

Ponsetto chased the boy and tackled him. She needs some crisis management.

This is what the media felt was such a big story that they had to track her to LA.

New York City prosecutors, who won’t prosecute criminals who loot, set fires, destroy businesses and churches, are going to prosecute this young woman.

The media and prosecutors have no such enthusiasm for other crimes, and we aren’t sure Ponsetto even committed one. One example is St. Patrick’s Cathedral in New York City that was vandalized twice. They know who did it both times, but the prosecutors won’t prosecute them. They’re violent Black Lives Matter but we all must pretend they’re just protesters.


The absolutely awful race hustler attorney Ben Crump wants her destroyed. He will also undoubtedly sue.

The boy’s father, Mr. Harrold told the New York Times last weekend that he was “shell shocked” by the incident, and that he and his son had probably been racially profiled by Ms. Ponsetto.

“I wonder what would happen if it were different if it were a Black woman and there was a White 14-year-old,” he said.

We can answer that question — nothing would happen. Democrats have made Black people an elite group and Whites are now considered worth less. Whites are worth less than all of their evil identity groups.

We have a major violent crime problem in our cities now and nothing is done about it. But you will feel much safer if they get this young bratty, yelling woman off the streets [sarcasm].

Maybe she should be hung in the public square? She has been absolutely destroyed in the public square of social media for losing her temper and being a brat.

The officials sent two detectives to the west coast to grill her. If they are so eager to defund them, how will we ever send detectives to the west coast to capture people like Ponsetto.

This Is What She Did

By the way, she didn’t say anything about black people. Ultimately, the girl from Simi Valley was convinced he had her phone.

Even the manager of the hotel was attacked by the cancel culture for trying to settle the issue. They want him fired.

When did we go from she needs to apologize to we will destroy her?


Trouble maker Shaun King is trying to destroy her, but that is what the fake black man does. He is also giving out misinformation. She isn’t wanted for multiple crimes. Her mother was arrested for something with alcohol.

They want her charged with a hate crime although she never mentioned his race and she is not White herself.

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