Catherine Herridge of CBS says possible criminal charges for Spygate


Catherine Herridge, reporting for CBS News tweeted that a public final report, and perhaps interim reports on Russiagate, will be publicly disseminated. Investigator Durham will say the DoJ is “authorized to prosecute federal crimes arising from his investigation.”

[They probably won’t get to it since they’re so busy looking for 300 more ‘insurrectionists’ who paraded in the Capitol on J6.

A source told CBS News that Durham has presented evidence to a grand jury contemplating criminal charges for “some time.”

In addition, footnotes in the 2019 IG report reveal the “FBI knew risk of ‘Russian disinformation in Steele dossier’ used to secure surveillance warrants'” on Carter Page.

We knew all of that. However, a recent report claims only low-hanging fruit, low-level operatives, will be prosecuted. Therefore, don’t get your hopes up and you might be pleasantly surprised — maybe.

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