Catholic Nuns Buy Controlling Stocks in Gun Companies to Destroy Them


Adrian Dominican nuns protesting guns

An anti-gun/anti-Second Amendment publication, The Trace, reports that a group of Canadian and U.S. nuns and other Catholic activists want gunmakers to actively monitor violence committed with their product. That’s not all, they plan to make them engage in corporate governance. To make this happen, they bought stock – enough to make them bend to their will.

It’s another ploy meant to make gunmakers the means of their own destruction.

We don’t make car manufacturers keep lists of everyone who dies in a crash and then provide governance.

According to SEC filings, these anti-Second Amendment activists bought stock in gun manufacturing companies to force them to do it and more. This was in response to the Parkland school shooting.

Via The Trace

After the Parkland school shooting, the activists, including the Sisters of the Holy Names of Jesus and Mary and the Catholic Health Initiatives network of clinics, bought stock in the American Outdoor Brands Corporation (AOBC), which owns Smith & Wesson.

They did the same with Sturm, Ruger, the other major publicly traded gun company. The activists then used their status as shareholders to ask fellow investors to join them in demanding that the gunmakers publicly report on public safety risks caused by their products.

Now, Ruger’s is considering the leftist nuns’ proposal because their shareholders voted for it with 69 percent of the vote, The Trace reports.

No gun company has ever before had its shareholders order a company to consider people harmed by the misuse of their product.

The activists are also out to get American Outdoor Brands Corporation to do the same. They are even going further, and are asking the company to engage in corporate governance. The nuns want them to begin the process of destroying themselves. It opens the way for lawsuits holding gunmakers responsible for the misuse of their products. The expense of the suits will eventually destroy these companies.

The Catholics, of which I am one, want to disarm the law-abiding citizens. I want my church to get out of politics and stick to religion.

The organizations involved are:

• Sisters of the Holy Names of Jesus and Mary, U.S.-Ontario Province
• Adrian Dominican Sisters
• Catholic Health Initiatives
• Congregation of St. Joseph
• Daughters of Charity, Province of St Louise
• Mercy Health
• Mercy Investment Services
• Sisters of Bon Secours, USA
• Sisters of Providence, Mother Joseph Province
• Sisters of St. Francis of Philadelphia
• Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet – St. Louis Province

This information was also published at The Patriot Chronicles.

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Janet MArtin
Janet MArtin
4 years ago

I guess none of them have ever lived in a rural area where one might wait an hour or even longer for law enforcement to arrive. My dad used a shotgun to run off many a threat, both animal and human, and while he may have shot a couple of 4 legged villains, he never had to shoot a person because the shotgun he held and the resolve in his eye were threat enough. He did carry a pistol with him on his tractor but we had long guns behind the kitchen door and under his bed both for his convenience and just in case we were alone in the house when something unpleasant showed up

Jim Finnerty
Jim Finnerty
4 years ago

Thanks Nuns, but we got this. Why don’t y’all clean up your own backyard first. OK?

Dave Notarianni
Dave Notarianni
4 years ago

If they are working with any of the politicians then we do not have separation of church and state and any $$ spent should be taxable since they are spending non taxed funds

Tom Anderson
Tom Anderson
4 years ago

Oh the Catholic church nuns. Don’t they have some children to beat up, or some priests to give hummers to and engage in threesomes with young boys?

Tim the toolman
Tim the toolman
4 years ago

Let’s take a closer look at this. First it’s Michael Bloomberg’s ‘The Trace’ reporting it, Nope no bias there and highly questionable that any of it is actually true given all the lies Bloomberg’s groups have told in the past.
Next if memory serves Nuns take a vow of poverty like Brother’s in the Catholic church (Priests don’t by the way), so where is all this money coming from?

Sorry, but I don’t believe a word of it.