Caught! Pelosi basically admits impeachment is all about politics


An astute Rep. Mark Meadows picked up on two comments Speaker Pelosi made that makes it clear she knows this is a strictly politically-motivated impeachment. Pelosi and the Democrats are subverting the Constitution in an attempt to win in 2020.

The Speaker admitted that polling is affecting the decision and that she was looking for a reason to impeach. Mueller didn’t work out so they are rushing this Ukraine debacle.

It has always been an impeachment — a verdict — without a crime.

Rep. Meadows picked up two comments she made:

1) Asked about key moments of the impeachment “investigation,” she brings up polling

2) When asked RE: the speed of impeachment, she says “Mueller was appointed 2.5 years ago”

This is all about politics, and has been since 2017

The Tweet:

Nancy Pelosi was asked about the speed of this impeachment and went back to the Mueller report taking more than two years. But this impeachment is supposed to be about Ukraine and a phone call from President Trump to the Ukraine President, not Russia.

Pelosi is basically admitting that she was trying to impeach since day one and is moving now based on polling.


In this next clip, Pelosi claims falsely that the impeachment is about Russia. She claims, without evidence, that Trump withheld aid from Ukraine to help Russia.

Mind you, the former President Obama disarmed Ukraine and Russia took Crimea.

All roads lead to Russia? How? Russia has an economy the size of New Jersey. They just aren’t our biggest threat and there is no evidence President Trump has favored them. In fact, the evidence shows he has been hard on Russia, unlike Barack Obama.

The House Speaker is counting on the fake news about Trump and Russia carrying her through.

Democrats are desperate and acting outside the law.

We don’t need Pelosi’s admissions. Obviously, it’s about politics. They aren’t impeaching the President for a crime because they fished around and couldn’t find one. They are all over the place from quid pro quo to extortion to bribery to abuse of power.

All of their witnesses just offered opinions, none are fact witnesses. They are impeaching President Trump because they don’t like him and they don’t like any of his supporters, because of their views.


Rep. Meadows also pointed to the disingenuous comments about how heartbroken they are when it’s clear they decided to impeach him for something — anything — since early 2017.

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Elena McCoy
Elena McCoy
4 years ago

What shes talking about with the Ukrainians dying happened during Obama. I told her those balls around her neck look stupid but she won’t believe me.

Ben Dover nasty Nancy Piglosis
Ben Dover nasty Nancy Piglosis
4 years ago

All of this waste of 3 years of trying to bring about a coup in a sitting president. These evil Democrats needs to lose being re-elected they all need to be charged with TREASON and obstruction of Justice.