CBP Warns Against Violence as Trucker Convoy Heads for Eagle Pass


The media completely ignores the Take Back Our Border Trucker Convoy, which started out from multiple locations on Monday. They will meet in Eagle Pass, Texas, tomorrow. Another convoy will pass through Arizona and a third will travel to California. Ali Bradley is covering it.

She said CBP put out a warning that violence would not be tolerated.

They wrote:

Threats of violence against law enforcement personnel and migrants are unacceptable, and CBP takes all threats very seriously. As such, we are taking appropriate and necessary actions to keep our employees and migrants in our custody safe. We will remain vigilant and continue to work closely with our law enforcement partners.

They’re more concerned about our replacements than citizens and legal residents.

Recently, Lara Logan wrote on X that the truckers should be very concerned. “Be aware – numerous sources indicate the federal govt is planning to try make this another fake “insurrection” and go after people in the convoy the same way they targeted people for exercising their constitutional rights on January 6th. They are already tracing and tracking people through their phones, iPads, etc.”

Hopefully, that isn’t what is going on.

Logan also notes that they have removed the word “illegal” as a matter of globalist policy.

Illegal is more than just a word – it is a policy. By removing the term illegal from the conversation, they normalize the behavior, but more importantly. This is the language of the globalists who agreed in the UN 2018 Global Compact on Migration to make migration a “human right,” once again holding man-made rights over/above our sovereign god-given rights. Words matter.

She linked to a Tom Elliott clip.


The truckers are going against a globalist movement. The open borders is more than the action of a demented president.


In February 2022, four Canadian men were arrested on allegations that they conspired to kill Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) officers.

On January 30th, a huge convoy passed Lethbridge remand, where Chris Carbert, one of four men, is held. The other three are Jerry Morin, Chris Lysak, and Anthony Olienick.

Police found the four had a lot of weapons, and they believed the government was turning the country communist.

I don’t know what evidence the prosecutors have that these men are plotting to kill Mounties. They were held without bail.

A convoy of 235 vehicles drove from Lethbridge to the Coutts border crossing on January 30, 2023, as part of a wider campaign of support for the four accused.

In France, the police are arresting farmers and stealing their tractors as they continue to protest the globalist assault on farms. Farmers are blocking streets, and setting fires in the streets.  The farmers throughout Europe are rising up against the globalist agenda.


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The Prisoner
The Prisoner
18 days ago

I am sure that Infowars and OAN will cover the events live this weekend.

This is a huge event.

The CBP has no jurisdiction over law enforcement in Texas. Texas authorities are in charge of that. The CBP issued a leftist political statement. If there is an attack on illegals, it will be sponsored by the US government.

We need Texas authorities to arrest any feds trying to incite violence. I doubt much that local authorities will be in league with the feds.

There are no capitol police thugs in Texas to simulate a riot.

18 days ago

As goes Brandon so goes Obama. What a bunch of sewer dwellers and supplicants to Satan.