CBS Detroit whistleblower April Moss talks of CBS bullying (video)


April Moss, a journalist, and meteorologist at CBS62 blew the whistle on discrimination at her network.

Here are some of the highlights from today’s video:

  • April Moss: “I’m watching my country disintegrate and if I don’t stand up and do something when I’m able to, I just don’t know that I could live with myself… No longer is true journalism being executed anymore… It is one of the greatest crimes really in history right now. Because if we are shaping the American public’s mind, then we need to be seeking truth.”
  • Moss, a wife, and mother of four has worked at CBS 62 for almost a decade and said the corporate arm in New York has been driving decision-making without regard for journalistic ethics or general concern for the public’s right to be informed.
  • Moss claimed in her interview with Project Veritas CEO, James O’Keefe, that the station was pressuring employees who opted not to get the vaccine into changing their minds through company-wide messages and emails. She called it a “human rights issue.”
  • She accused CBS of abusing the “power of all of [the] Viacom/CBS brand” to legitimize the COVID-19 vaccine. The veteran journalist added that she is not seeking fame or fortune by coming forward. “It’s not about me … this is not easy,” she told O’Keefe.
  • “I see the whole world hurting,” Moss concluded. “I had no other choice.”



  1. April Moss is a hero. If more whistle blowers from the Globalist propanda funded media conglomerates don’t stand up and tell the American people we are being sold a bill of good? God help us all. This is an experimental vaccine. Young boys are dying of heart conditions, blood clots have killed 4 British Airways pilots whom were forced to take the vaccine. This is a bio weapon.

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