Here are the winners so far in New York City’s mayoral race


Mayor Bill de Blasio is a communist who has ruined New York City, and it’s looking like the city will continue to go down that rabbit hole.

Eric Adams is in the lead in the mayoral race and despite many flaws, he is at least somewhat concerned about law and order. However, none of the police unions are backing him. His so-called tough-on-crime position is he will rule like David Dinkins who was anything but tough-on-crime.

Far more alarming is Maya Wiley who came in second. As these ranked choices are sorted out, she could well be the winner of the Democrat primary. She wants to take a billion dollars out of the police budget each year and has talked about disarming the police.

A million dollars of her funding comes from George Soros and the communist SEIU union. Soros has funded her very far-left groups for years.

AOC, a communist, although she calls herself a Democratic Socialist, endorsed Wiley.


New York City has probably chosen ranked-choice voting because it favors Democrats in left-wing cities like New York. The state of Maine uses it and got rid of the Republicans.

It takes a long time to calculate votes and results likely will come in during the week of July 12th.

With Wiley coming in second, she has a clear shot at winning the primary.

Some preliminary results have already been announced: specifically, the first-choice results of ballots cast in person (either early or on election day). As of 2 a.m. on June 23, with 799,827 ballots counted, Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams had 32 percent of first-choice votes, attorney Maya Wiley had 22 percent, former New York City Sanitation Commissioner Kathryn Garcia had 20 percent and businessman Andrew Yang had 12 percent. (Nine other candidates received less than 6 percent of the vote each.)

Based on this initial vote tally, Adams, a moderate former police officer who campaigned on a tough-on-crime platform is in a strong position to win.

However, there is still a narrow path to victory for the progressive (far, far, far left Wiley or the technocratic Garcia. (Yang meanwhile has already conceded.)

According to polls of the mayor’s race, Wiley and Garcia are particularly strong with white and college-educated voters — precisely the type who tend to vote absentee.

The Republican running is Curtis Sliwa but chances of a Republican winning in socialist/communist New York City are not good.


According to FiveThirtyEight, very clear political battle lines were drawn. Adams won Black and Hispanic voters in the outer boroughs. Wiley won Brooklyn/Queens hipsters. Garcia won Manhattan elites. And Yang won Asian and Orthodox Jewish/ethnic white areas of Brooklyn.

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