BIG! PA GOP lawmakers look to appoint their own electors


Twitter banned Pennsylvania State Senator Doug Mastriano’s personal account for several days. Twitter put it back and admitted to ‘making a mistake.’ It’s more likely they are opposed to his viewpoint. That being said, he has the left in an uproar.

Currently, he and other 25 GOP state lawmakers are introducing a Resolution to exercise their “obligation and authority to appoint delegates to the Electoral College.”

In other words, if he does that and the state also does that, dueling electors could throw the entire Pennsylvania election in doubt. It could result in the elimination of the state’s electoral votes. If enough states do that and neither candidate gets enough electoral votes, it goes to the US House of Representative’s legislatures. Each state gets one vote.

State Senator Mastriano believes Pennsylvania’s election was invalid and fraudulent. He expressed these concerns immediately after the election.

This is a very big deal. If Pennsylvania falls, it will have a Domino effect.

PA Senator Doug Mastriano also drafted a  joint resolution that would strip the Secretary of State’s power to appoint presidential electors.


Notice the date on this clip below. State Senator Mastriano notes the problems with the balloting. The response from the Secretary of State Kathy Boockvar is vapid for the most part.

Listen to Mastriano talk about the Volkswagon collector in Philly where a city official partnered with third parties they paid. They found ballots on street corners.

Boockvar says they’ve allowed absentee balloting for decades. That is a joke since it’s been increased to numbers that can’t be secured properly.

Boockvar said the ballots are checked when the applications come in and the back end is checked.

The worst problems with these votes are the dropboxes and other unsecured methods of collection. They lose the chain of custody and voter ID.

To make people feel secure, Boockvar said she picked her deputy because he is Libertarian. Duh, who cares?


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