CBS News Is Back! Posting to Twitter After Leaving for 5 Minutes!


After stating on Friday that they couldn’t chance posting on Twitter due to “uncertainty around Twitter and out of an abundance of caution.” CBS News paused their activity on the platform as they said they’d monitor it. This happened the same evening Mr. Musk put up the poll on allowing Trump to return to Twitter.

They’re Baaack!  CBS returned with propaganda news about the horrible attack on Club Q in Colorado Springs. They suggested it was a hate crime, but Joe Biden said today that the motive is still unclear.

News Flash: All vicious murders are hate crimes, whether it’s against a white Republican or an LGBTQIA victim.

Anyway, CBS is still posting, making up for the lost time. They couldn’t stay away. Allegedly, they were going to Mastodon, a leftist propaganda-hate-righty echo chamber from what I can see.

In other big CBS News, it’s snowing in Buffalo; Jan. 6 panel will release all information within a month; Ye is back on Twitter testing them for censorship; any Native-American imagery in NY schools is bigotry, and Pence is blathering on their channel.

The Fearless CBS Is Also Posting That Trump’s Return to Twitter Means Nothing

This is their important news?


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1 year ago

Just shows us that CBS can’t be truthful about anything!

John Vieira
John Vieira
1 year ago

So who really cares about the garbage emanating from cbs and related media dumpsters???