CBS News Publishes Leak Turning Surveillance Scandal Into More Russia Spy News


CBS News has a convenient new leak to follow up on Adam Housley’s dramatic reporting this past week.

The bombshell report from Fox News reporter Adam Housley which, among other things, found that Donald Trump and his team were apparently surveilled before he was even a candidate. This followed the widespread publication of a video with a former Pentagon assistant deputy under Obama admitting to surveillance, unmasking and leaking.

The media is starting to report on it but the reporting is a twist on the truth. Reporting on the deputy, Evelyn Farkas involves covering for her and the surveillance of innocent civilians has barely become a footnote.

CBS News now says that their sources – another leak – say investigators are looking into whether Trump campaign representatives helped Russian intelligence – as they carried at cyberattacks on the DNC and others – as early as March 2016.

According to the new leak, the FBI is going back to March to determine possible coordination. CBS even assigned motives to the Trump campaign — it might have been for the money.

What they did not report is someone “very high up” in Obama’s intelligence was unmasking and leaking information about Trump and his staff that had nothing to do with Russia.

This person’s activities led to surveillance of private citizens who had nothing to do with Russia. The data uncovered had nothing to do with national security and was only meant to hurt and embarrass the administration. This took place before Trump was a candidate.

CBS now says it was obvious Trump would be the candidate by March of last year though that is clearly debatable.

A left-wing national security expert gave testimony last week alleging that Russia even sidelined Marco Rubio.

The truth is that Rubio sidelined himself, primarily because of his prior support for amnesty as a member of the Gang of Eight.

As Adam Housley tweeted, “unmasking of Americans is a big issue.Big Issue. Collusion would be also. We have multiple issues to look into.”

We definitely do. This is why people object to the government keeping all our metadata. It’s too much power in the hands of people we can’t always trust.

Why isn’t the media looking into it?

Does this sound like legitimate news to you? Why not also talk about the spying on American citizens when it had nothing to do with Russia and was only meant to hurt Trump?

Isn’t this fake news by omission?

Earlier today, President Trump called out Chuck Todd – Sleepy Eyes – for reporting the fake news story and not reporting the surveillance scandal.

We have the answer – never.

Todd responded without malice but he has his Sunday news platform and it won’t be pretty.

Trump also tweeted this:

Branco cartoon via Comically Incorrect

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