Hillary Clinton Sounds Like a 2020 Candidate Touting Women’s Rights


Hillary Clinton, over her malaise and out of the woods, appears to be back on the campaign trail with her same old campaign rhetoric. She will try to run again in 2020. Tom Perez, the new DNC chair is open to her running.

The woman who took millions from Terrorist nations that abuse women claims she is out there supporting the “rising tide of women’s rights”. Other than giving speeches and promoting women walking around in pussy hats and vagina costumes, what has she done for women?

At Georgetown University yesterday, Clinton said that back in 2011, “we [Hillary and Madeleine Albright] came here to Georgetown to declare that the issue of women’s full participation in peace and security could no longer be relegated to the margins of international affairs. (Applause) I believed then and I have to tell you, I believe even more fiercely today, that advancing the rights and full participation of women and girls is a great unfinished business of the 21st century.”

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