CBS Poll Has Shrieky Nikki Snapping at Trump’s Heels


CBS News has a new fake poll out. They have shrieky Nikki catching up to Donald Trump at 44%, with her at 29% in New Hampshire, far surpassing Ron DeSantis at 10%.

They claim she’s consolidated the non-Trump vote.

Trump calls her Birdbrain.

CBS’s poll is a push poll meant to manipulate opinion, not measure it. CBS says she is “likable,” “reasonable,” and “prepared.” Was she prepared when she said she wanted to ban anonymity on social media? When she wants to start wars on three continents, is she reasonable?

Conservatives see her as an establishment, untrustworthy, and a tool of the donor class.

She faceplants on all the key issues for conservatives.

Nikki Haley

CBS says she is the “most electable of Trump’s challengers.”

Definitely vote according to what the Democrat media recommends. You can trust them to have your best interests at heart.

Remember when the media liked John McCain? The NY Times endorsed him with Barack Obama. Then he won the primary, and they blasted him as too old, too sickly, he had an ugly mark on his face, and he was a cheerleader for the failed Iraq War. They also accused him of having a sordid affair with his lobbyist.

Then, the media chose Mitt Romney until after the primary, after which they made fun of him for stating the obvious about China and Russia, among other things.

The media picks the worst candidate for Republicans and hopes they follow their guidance.

Trafalgar has Trump at 45.1% in New Hampshire, down from 49.7%, Haley at 18.1%, up from 3.1%, and DeSantis at 10.7%, down from 11.2%.

In Iowa, CBS has Trump at 58%, DeSantis at 22%, and Haley at 13%.

Trafalgar has President Trump at 43.8% in Iowa, Governor DeSantis at 17.5%, and Haley at 15.1%

Basically, Haley isn’t soaring and De Santis isn’t closing in, and nothing has changed.

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John Acord
John Acord
2 months ago

For those who may not know Haley’s family are Indian Sikhs and that is the warrior class in India. War is in her DNA. Whether she could ever win one is unknown. Better we have a peacemaker like Trump who obtains peace through strength. The MIC is salivating at the prospect or three or more wars and stripping whatever wealth is left to finance them

joe louis
joe louis
2 months ago

I would’nt vote for kommie neocon nikki for dog catcher. Trump/Carlson 2024

Popeye the Project Boy
Popeye the Project Boy
2 months ago

Trump’s right on everything he says about the media.