CBS tells another absurd, ridiculous, fantastical lie about the border


President Biden has called the humanitarian crisis on our southern border a problem caused by the seasons. That is an absurdly ridiculous fantastical lie, even for Biden.

Biden caused the problem and he’s actually damaging the Executive Agencies to cover the border. He is requesting volunteers from NASA now to cover the border crisis.

CBS News is saying the same thing. They actually claimed people were fleeing their country because of “a dangerous climate.” And CBS was referring to the weather, not the economy or crime.

The Columbia Bolshevik Systems is spreading disinformation again.


On Thursday, CBS This Morning tried to convince viewers that the illegal immigration crisis at the U.S. southern border was being caused by climate change instead of Biden administration policies encouraging migrants to make the dangerous journey, Newsbusters reported.

The truth is that Biden did away with the Remain in Mexico policy, the Central American agreements, and he promised free everything to the illegals who come, including free healthcare. Biden is giving them cash and hotel rooms where he can. States like New York and California are giving them palettes of cash.

This is an insane lie by CBS and if people believe it, they truly are misinformed or stupid.

This is their claim: “This week we’ve also been showing you the roots of the border crisis, why people make the dangerous journey to the U.S. in the first place,” co-host Anthony Mason touted as he teed up a report “from Guatemala on how climate change is forcing many into a difficult choice.” The headline on screen blared: “Fleeing A Dangerous Climate; Floods & Drought Worsen Poverty in Guatemala, Driving Border Crisis.”

Newsbusters call CBS the Columbia BS network. Nothing much has changed in the climate or weather in those countries. The gang violence is worse and when they come into the U.S. illegally, they bring that with them.

CBS doesn’t care that they are knowingly lying. They’re going for soundbites and speaking to the people who are ill-informed.


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