CCP is threatening Taiwan


Chinese warplanes flew more than two dozen sorties near Taiwan over the weekend. This was as Beijing staged its largest show of aerial force toward the island democracy in four months. It was days after the feeble Joe Biden took over the White House — sort of.

Flown over two days off southwestern Taiwan, the flights appear to deliver a dire warning to the Biden administration of the stakes involved in supporting the self-ruled island that Beijing claims as its territory. The CCP has vowed to assimilate Taiwan.

Hours after the U.S. issued a statement Saturday evening in Washington calling on China to cease intimidation, Taipei reported that Beijing sent more flights on Sunday.

We are a very weakened United States, financially and from our enemies within.

The sorties coincided with U.S. military maneuvers in the South China Sea.

Earlier in the week, Mr. Biden’s nominee for secretary of state, Antony Blinken, said Washington would continue to ensure Taiwan could defend itself, as required by a U.S. law governing unofficial relations with the island.

That’s not enough if China wants to take them over. They could succeed in hours if they choose to do so. The time is ripe.

They’ve destroyed Hong Kong and now they set their sights on Taiwan.

Joe just let the CCP know they can access our power grid again and they’ve forced Canada into the position of having to sell their oil to the CCP. We also have our key drugs made in China.

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