CCP Sails a Carrier Through Taiwan Strait Hours Before Biden’s Meeting


Shortly before President Biden’s video conference call with CCP dictator Xi, a Chinese carrier sailed through the Taiwan straits. That’s another clear message to Biden not to interfere in whatever they do to Taiwan.

China plans to at some point seize democratically ruled Taiwan as its own territory. It’s been menacing them with threats, aircraft overhead, and spies infiltrating their politics and culture.

According to US News, a source with direct knowledge of the matter, who was not authorized to speak to the media and spoke on condition of anonymity, told Reuters the carrier Shandong sailed close to the Taiwan-controlled island of Kinmen, which sits directly opposite the Chinese city of Xiamen.

“Around 10:30 a.m. the CV-17 appeared around 30 nautical miles to the southwest of Kinmen, and was photographed by a passenger on a civilian flight,” the source said, referring to the Shandong’s official service number.

The USS Ralph Johnson, an Arleigh Burke guided missile destroyer, shadowed the carrier at least partly on its route. The Shandong did not have aircraft on its deck and sailed north through the strait, the source added.

Taiwan also sent warships to keep an eye on the situation, the source said.

Taiwan’s Defence Ministry, in a brief statement, confirmed the passage of the Shandong but gave no details other than to say its forces have a “full grasp” of what China’s ships and aircraft do in the Taiwan Strait.

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