CCP threatens to show up off the coast of Guam or Hawaii


The Chinese communists are becoming more aggressive and more dangerous under Joe Biden. They are threatening Taiwan, suggesting war is imminent, and are trying to control the South China Sea, threatening their neighbors and all who trade through the route. The CCP is now threatening to show up near Hawaii and Guam.

The information comes via the editor of one of their state newspapers.

Global Times Editor Hu Xijian said this week, “The Taiwan question is getting very close to the tipping point,” and military action could soon be a real possibility. The Global Times is a propaganda newspaper for the State.

The US has sent carriers into the South China Sea which China is trying to take over. Our carrier passed within 12 nautical miles of Mischief Reef. China responded through their state-run Global Times editor Hu Xijin.  In a threatening tweet, he said Chinese warships could “show up near Hawaii and Guam one day” and “that day will come soon,” NY Digital News reported.

The US and China have disagreed over “freedom of navigation” in the South China Sea. It’s a key international trade route and China claims islands in the Sea. They build fake islands and armed them. The US has sent its Naval carriers to the area a number of times.

The Chinese communists want to take over the world and they want control of this extremely important trade route.

Xijin’s comments came after the US Navy said it had “upheld the standards of freedom of navigation longer than the PLA navy has existed.”

“PRC’s behavior stands in contrast to the US adherence to international law and our vision of free and open Indo-Pacific.”

“All nations, large and small should be secure in their sovereignty, free from coercion and able to pursue economic growth,” it added in a tweet.

Hu Xijan was outraged, and tweeted, “The history of some Chinese dynasties is longer than the US,” adding,” when Zheng made voyages in the Ming dynasty, Columbus who discovered the New World was not yet born.”

The CCP is also angry that on Wednesday, the US, Australia and the UK entered into a defense pact allowing Australia to acquire nuclear-powered submarines in a move to reportedly contain China.

Who cares that the CCP is angry.

About now, we should see a few more ships show up in the South China Sea. We cannot cede a trade route worth trillions to the CCP. It’s not enough to help Australia build submarines.

Biden should respond to this threat against Taiwan. So far, he’s been weak and feckless.

If the CCP were afraid of Biden, as they were of Trump, they wouldn’t dare say this.

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