CDC Calls for 10th Round of mRNA Vaccines for 6 Months – Up


The New York Times headline on the 27th, New COVID Shots Recommended for Americans 6 Months and Older This Fall.

As the virus mutates, the C.D.C. urged Americans to roll up their sleeves again for annual vaccinations.

All Americans ages six months and older should receive one of the new COVID-19 vaccines when they become available this fall, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said on Thursday.

The recommendation comes as the nation faces a summer wave of COVID-19, with the number of infections rising in at least 39 states and territories.

Most Americans have acquired immunity against the coronavirus from repeat infections vaccine doses, or both. The vaccines now offer an incremental boost. It remains effective for only a few months as immunity wanes and the virus continues to evolve.

It’s only good for a few months.

As you go through the article, you see this:

A vaccine by Novavax will target JN.1, the variant that prevailed for months in the winter and spring. The shots to be made by Pfizer and Moderna are aimed at KP.2, which until recently seemed poised to be the dominant variant.

But KP.2 appears to be giving way to two related variants, KP.3 and LB.1, which now account for more than half of new cases. All three variants, descendants of JN.1, are together nicknamed FLiRT …

In other words, the vaccines can’t catch the virus.

The following comes from Newscast.

While the vaccine makers are targeting JN.1 and KP2, KP 3 is rising. By Fall, something new will emerge. It mutates quickly. JN.1 is almost gone, yet Novavax wants you to take their vaccine. KP 2 is different from KP3, but Pfizer and Moderna want you to take the KP2 vax.

It would be the 10th round! In the history of vaccines, if you want to call them vaccines, there have never been ten rounds.

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