Venezuelan TDA Gangster: “KIlling Cops Is Our Culture”


Guess where all the Venezuelan criminals are now as their prisons empty out and crime falls precipitously. TDA [Tren de Aragua} is now joining up with other violent US gangs like MS-13. Check out the Statista bar graph below.

Look at how their homicide rate has fallen as per Statista:

The Daily Mail noted that Caracas was “Once deemed the world’s most dangerous city. Caracas has seen homicides fall by a staggering 25 percent when compared to 2023, with the Venezuelan Violence Observatory registering 26.8 violent deaths per 100,000 people, compared to a rate of 35.3 for every 100,000 habitants in 2022.”

But now, as Venezuelans increasingly flood over the US-Mexico border, reports of newly arrived migrants committing horrific crimes have left Americans shocked. Just last week, two Venezuelan gang members were arrested in the brutal abduction, rape, and murder of a 12-year-old girl in Texas.

Reporter Nelsored Gonzalez wrote on X in 2022:

“Criminals from the Tocorón prison in Venezuela are headed to the United States, with all expenses paid by the Venezuelan Regime.

“More than 300 convicts in this group of hitmen, robbers, and drug distributors were released to be sent to the United States from Venezuela, Atentos

Democrats gave us open borders, not just Joe Biden. There was one exception of a Democrat in Texas and they are primarying him.

The Facts

As Immigration lawyer Rolando Vazquez warned several times, President Maduro is emptying the Venezuelan prisons.

Speaking to on several occasions, Miami immigration attorney Rolando Vazquez warned: “These are killers.”

Arm up. An officer here in New York told me to get a concealed carry permit because it will get a lot worse, he emphasized “a lot worse.”

Mr. Vasquez calls it an invasion but says it depends on how you define “invasion.”

The illegal alien who gunned down two NYPD officers says killing cops is his culture. [Raping and murdering children and women is as well.] He works for the Venezuelan TDA [Tren de Aragua] gang. It is the most vicious of all Venezuelan gangs. It’s a prison gang.

Bernardo Raul Castro Mata (19) revealed that firearms are smuggled into the NYC shelters through food deliveries.

Robberies are up 300% in the past year, and police trace it back to the influx of illegals flooding New York City.

We knew in January. We knew in 2021.

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