CDC Director says we can drive COV into the ground doing one simple thing


CDC Director Robert Redfield, MD, told a group of reporters in Mecklenburg County, North Carolina, on Monday that if everyone wears face coverings for 4-6 weeks in the U.S. it would drive COV-19 into the ground.

So, wear the damn mask people. This is the mask we were first told would do nothing to help us. It’s the mask Dr. Fauci then said we have to wear but mostly to make people around us feel comfortable.

“I think it’s important again to emphasize, you can’t emphasize it too much, that actually face coverings work,” Redfield said. “It’s our major defense to prevent ourselves from getting this infection.”

“If all of us would put on a face-covering now for the next four weeks to six weeks, I think we could drive this epidemic to the ground in the country, so hopefully they’ll continue to be more emphasis on that.”

Redfield said, “we actually have some of the most powerful weapons you could ask to have.”


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