CDC Director says we don’t have widespread permission to remove masks


CDC Director Rochelle Walensky said she is “empowering” Americans to take charge of their own health. However, she dutifully told ABC News what they wanted to hear, that it’s not widespread permission to remove masks.

Hasn’t she heard of the Constitution? She doesn’t “empower” or give “widespread permission” to anyone. When did they go from “guidance” to overthrowing our constitutional rights?

The reporter is a hack, Walensky is a hack and the CDC is no longer a trustworthy institution. All are corrupted by politics and ideology.


We are not alone in believing the CDC lost its credibility.

Web MD reported, ” A new survey shows only 54% of respondents have a great deal of trust in the CDC, the agency that led the battle against the COVID-19 pandemic, and even fewer have that level of trust in the FDA or the National Institutes of Health.”

NPR found that 52% still trust the CDC but only 37% trust Fauci’s NIH and the FDA. Who are those silly 37%? The 52% number seems high as well.

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