Dr. Pry explains the threat to our electric grid is “existential” unlike climate change


Mark Levin interviewed expert Dr. Peter Pry on Sunday night to discuss the U.S. electrical grid in the wake of the attack on Colonial Pipeline.

Dr. Peter Pry is the former CIA Analyst and Chairman of the EMP Commission.

As anonymous people pour into the country without any vetting, what if some are here to destroy us? However, our enemies don’t even need plants in this country to destroy our infrastructure, although we know they do have them.


An EMP attack would destroy as much as 90% of our population within a year. In the clip below, Dr. Pry explains how easy it would be for a sophisticated actor to launch a nuclear cyber bomb. It’s not science fiction. It’s happened over a tree branch as the doctor explains.

The electric grid constantly operates on the verge of failure and it wouldn’t take much to destroy us. Our enemies have it in their plan if they go to war with the United States.

Mark Levin noted that this administration is narrowing our options and putting more strain on our grid. He asked if any of the trillions in the Biden plan would go to the electric grid. Dr. Pry said only $100 billion is going to our energy system but most of the money is going to windmills and that type of energy.

Nothing is going to cyber or EMP protection — Not a dime.

Dr. Pry also mentioned if a few transformers went, it would be a disaster. We don’t have enough transformers and we don’t manufacture them. It would take a long time to restore them. If it was a prolonged attack, we would not be able to provide food or water to the people. It’s a “real existential threat” unlike the climate change mantra.

It is believed the people doing it are tied to Russia. Joe Biden quiickly exonerated Putin despite the fact that if it’s in his country, of course, he’s involved. In fact, a few weeks ago one of his top aides said they would knock out our grid so back off Ukraine.

Dr. Pry thinks the takedown of Colonial was a demonstration to send a message.

Levin noted that we are not standing behind Israel or protecting our grid and it provokes more dangerous circumstances. Dr. Pry agreed and said he thinks the only reason our enemies haven’t moved on Ukraine or Taiwan because they are waiting for the USA to hit rock bottom and that is where we are headed — quickly.

Watch the clips, it’s not the entire segment:

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