University of Cali system settles suit, abandons SATs ACTs, optional tests


The University of California, which includes some of the most desirable schools in the nation, will no longer consider SATs or ACTs in admissions, The NY Times reports. As a result of a lawsuit settlement, which university officials appear eager to implement, the tests are considered discriminatory because people of color and the disabled can’t measure up.

They are scrapping even optional testing from admissions and scholarship decisions. No testing. The kids can’t do well so the tests and standards must be racist according to the crazy theory, so lower the standards or erase them completely.

They consider testing to be systemic racism. That is not the case. The problem is the schools in disadvantaged areas have problems because of family and other societal factors.

We are going to be in big trouble. The standards are coming down in one of our better educational systems to accommodate students who don’t measure up.

Between this lowering of standards and the Marxist ideology, U.S. colleges are now a pathetic joke.

From the Times:

The settlement announced on Friday signals the end of a lengthy legal debate over whether the University of California system should use the standardized tests, which students of color and those with disabilities have said put them at a disadvantage. Opponents of the tests called the settlement “historic,” and said that it would broaden access to campuses for students across the state.

“Today’s settlement ensures that the university will not revert to its planned use of the SAT and ACT — which its own regents have admitted are racist metrics,” said Amanda Mangaser Savage, a lawyer representing the students.

Some 225,000 undergraduate students attend University of California schools, and the settlement this week makes the system the largest and best-known American institution of higher education to distance itself from the use of the two major standardized tests.

The settlement resolves a 2019 lawsuit brought by a coalition of students, advocacy groups and the Compton Unified School District, a largely Black and Hispanic district in Los Angeles County. The plaintiffs said that the college entrance tests are biased against poor and mainly Black and Hispanic students — and that by basing admissions decisions on those tests, the system illegally discriminates against applicants on the basis of their race, wealth and disability.

In January, the College Board, which produces the SAT, said that it would scrap subject tests and the optional essay section, further scrambling the admissions process….

The settlement provides that the university if it chooses a new exam for entrance in the future, “will consider access for students with disabilities in the design and implementation of any such exam.” It also specifies that the university system will pay more than $1.2 million to the students’ lawyers.

More than 1200 universities in the country have made the tests optional.

Asians and white men, in particular, are now at a disadvantage if they excel. Their outstanding merits will not be a big factor, not as big as their race will be.

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