CDC issued WRONG info when it said delta was as contagious as chickenpox


NPR, in an article headlined “The CDC Said The Delta Variant Is As Contagious As Chickenpox. That’s Not Accurate”, exposed the agency for spreading misinformation about the transmissibility of the delta variant. They said it was as contagious as chickenpox in a slideshow leaked to The Washington Post on July 26.

That’s not true as it turns out if we can believe NPR. While it is very contagious, the chickenpox analogy came from “The value for the chickenpox came from a graphic from The New York Times, which wasn’t completely accurate.”

The agency in charge of disseminating factual information about the COV-19 virus put the chickenpox analogy out in a press release that went around the world. It came from a WRONG NY Times graphic.

The CDC has spent so much time spreading WOKE nonsense, they don’t even know how to handle medical information with proper research and accuracy.

However, if you ever doubt a single claim made by the CDC you are subjected to the virus inquisition.

Our society has gone mad.

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2 years ago

OAN had the doctor on whose video went viral. (an interesting choice of terms) He brought a different perspective on why so many doctors are hesitant to dispute the government narrative. It’s not just Big Pharma that has a hold on doctors, the ACO’s (Accountable Care Organizations) can determine whether or not a particular doctor can be paid, such as in Medicare. If a doctor goes against these, his only recourse would be opening his own practice, at considerable expense, that he may not have. With all the pressures applied to doctors, are we really getting the kind of care we are paying for. There are very few who can speak out. Remember when Kennedy promoted Medicare. It’s only Thirteen Dollars a year for all this great care. It would not have the government come between the doctor and a patient. What could go wrong.

2 years ago

The CDC would probably love to do This. Little Napoleon Fauci may even have a memo ready to release.

There are already reports all over with maskless kids being abused and attacked, sometimes by teachers. This is certainly one area of Dystopia I never imagined. For that, there is good reason to reference the Yellow Star. It’s really hard to wrap my mind around this incessant, escalating tendency for officials taking positions that would make tyrants cringe. This goes well beyond wanting to protect people, and is reaching megalomania.

It deserves some study whether or not previous tyrants around the world started out with compassionate ideas, but were so pompous and sanctimonious they morphed into such arrogance as to become what they were in the end. There is personality disorders related to such inflexibility. Would it mean those traits which makes an effective politician also be the same traits that can easily translate to authoritarianism. (Interestingly, if a person does search you will only find results for “right-wing” personalities, Nazism being foremost, which was labeled for political purposes primarily).

It’s one thing to have a “desire to be right”, but what we are dealing with, at all levels, seems borderline “mental”. Clearly none want to take responsibility for making the “wrong decision”, and you see that in the overt defensive behavior when confronted. (Fauci). But surely these people realize the decisions made haven’t achieved the desired results, and are they so dumb not to realize going to extremes will only result in the same outcome. The ratcheting up cycle will only create the circumstances that results in authoritarianism. So, is This how a tyrant is created. We are seeing it in the making.

This is the first time I’m aware of, where a crisis, in the beginning, has resulted in such escalating measures and tactics against so many. Unfortunately, there are enough of the population that does seem to be content with it. That’s enough to create the incentive for the soon-to-be authoritarians to continue, and to rise. The question is, to what level will they take this “new-found” power. I once would have thought the Courts would not allow this to stand, but that seems less likely now. The previous precedents are rearing their ugly head once again. Since it is highly unlikely this Covid will “disappear”, I expect Australia coming to the US in the near future. You will be subjugated, and you will like it.

These vaccines are Untested Technology, and there are absolutely no indicators of long-term effects. Previous experiments are not a good sign for the future. It was So Bad the trials were immediately halted. Not one person has come and explained how they solved those previous blunders. My concern is, we could face a bubonic-plague event if we aren’t careful. If such a large population dies off, what would that do to the world economy. It has become to intertwined, and we are all so interdependent that it would be far worse than some EMP.

Never before has a vaccine stayed on the market with so many adverse affects. The death toll alone should have pulled it, and those are only the “short-term” effects. Who knows whether or not that will escalate. It takes a period of time for systemic organ failure and that may creep up slowly before anyone even realizes. But at least the declining markets for Big Pharma have found a new and resilient source of revenue for years to come, if we don’t do ourselves in.

Fighting Scots-Irish
Fighting Scots-Irish
2 years ago

Breaking O/T-Obama variant hits the working class Martha’s Vineyard where the golf club membership is $350,000 annually.
The wrong info? But muh science and the sophisticated don’t make mistakes, after all they have white coats and a piece of paper for camping out at Marxist U.

Guys, it’s not your country anymore – it’s our country…

Sam Donaldson, December 23, 2012.