Chicago Leaders Continue to Mangle the Honoring of Slain Officer Ella French


Chicago Leaders Continue to Mangle the Honoring of Slain Officer Ella French

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot botched murdered officer Ella French’s name just days after Chicago police superintendent David Brown did the same.

During a forum at Truman College on Thursday Lightfoot made reference to, ”The horrible tragedy of Ella Frank’s murder….”.

On Monday, Chicago police superintendent David Brown’s misnamed his fallen officer Ella Fitzgerald, not once but twice.

“The offender who is charged with first-degree murder of Ella Fitzgerald,” Brown said at one point during the press conference.

“The gun used in this shooting and this murder of Ella Fitzgerald was illegally possessed,” he said at another point.

Ella Fitzgerald, for those who did not know, is the name of an award-winning jazz singer who died in 1996. We have no such reference point regarding Ella Frank.

Fraternal Order of Police-Chicago Lodge #7 tweeted, “Her name was Ella French. French. Not Frank. French. This is one of those times when words really matter. Please, her name was not Ella Frank, her name was not Ella Fitzgerald, her name was #EllaFrench.

Luckily for the truly incompetent Lightfoot, and her “top cop” there’s no record of them having screwed up the names of any purported victims of police violence. That would have gotten them canceled for sure.

Which, in the long and short run, may have been better for Chicago.

Addendum: we did find the clip for you:



  1. Cannabis is legal in the glorious people’s republic of Illinois.
    Something must be done about those rampaging MAGA youth and their RED gang colors before there is nothing left of the CPUSA flagship utopia.
    I mangle names as a symbol of disrespect and to test limits, it could be something similar here with the Long Marchers who hate the poleeces.

  2. The stupid, unprincipled Chicago voters would reelect her tomorrow. Those voters include the biggest victims of the Lightfoot crime wave, the minorities.

  3. @ The Prisoner,

    Regarding the voters:

    America is reaping the consequences of the destruction of traditional education by the Dewey-Kilpatrick experimentalist philosophy…Dewey’s ideas have led to the elimination of many academic subjects on the ground that they would not be useful in life…The student thus receives neither intellectual training nor the factual knowledge which will help him understand the world he lives in, or to make well-informed decisions in his private life or as a private citizen.

    Admiral Hyman Rickover

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