Police Supt tried to stop honor guard & bagpipes for slain Officer Ella French


The Chicago police deserve a special place in heaven given all that they tolerate for the ‘privilege’ of risking their lives to save others. Recently, 28-year-old Ella French, who gave birth only two months ago, ran to help her partner when he was attacked at a traffic stop. She was killed by one of the attackers and her partner Officer Yanez was shot in the head. A third officer shot one of two brothers who attacked the officers after a chase. The Morgan brothers are now in police custody, one is still hospitalized. They appear to be gangsters.

When Lori Lightfoot went to the hospital to visit Officer Yanez, the police turned their backs on her. The father of Officer Yanez yelled at her, blaming her for the ambush on the officers.

Lightfoot has attacked and demeaned the police repeatedly.

What we didn’t know is the second in command, Eric Carter, rushed the procession carrying the body of Ella French. He almost prevented the honor guard from standing guard as her body was transported. He is quoted as saying, “We don’t have time for this shit.”

We can’t hear that on the tape, maybe you can. We don’t have access to every tweet either.

Mayor Lori Lightfoot defended his comments, claiming the procession was sped up Saturday night to avoid “exponentially delaying” the family of slain officer Ella French.

No one is buying that one.

As we reported earlier, Lightfoot and Carter couldn’t even get her name straight. Lightfoot called her Ella Franks and Carter called her Ella Fitzgerald over and over.

These two despicable characters need to resign. And if we had a media, they would report this.

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The Prisoner
The Prisoner
2 years ago

Chicago will vote for any misfit for mayor with a D next to the name.

And, the police will not support a decent candidate. The mayor and her staff deliberately mistreat them, and all the police do is have a few of them turn their backs.

The media benefits by covering all the madness while offering no support for a solution. The more killings, the more media consumers.

They all deserve each other.

I see a mayor and police official, both black, callously handling the death of a woman who appears to not be black. That’s the same mayor who will not allow whites to interview her. Come on folks, anyone can figure this out.

The First Rule
The First Rule
2 years ago

Post if you wish, I’m not mad if you do not:


The Narrator
The Narrator
2 years ago

I read an excellent obscure CPD blog and they know what is up.
Just like everything else there are clueless participation trophy hacks and the cream that rises to the top.
Ella Fitzgerald? They don’t make choom that strong, that is on purpose.
Uncanny! Fam is watching some crime/drama show in Chiraq and they just showed Rahmie the Commie.