CDC says virus spreads before any signs of symptoms


The CDC reports the [Wuhan Communist] Virus from China can spread before there are any signs. Researchers looked at 243 cases in Singapore from January through March and found seven clusters of cases where the “most likely explanation” for the secondary cases becoming infected was “presymptomatic transmission.”

Early detection and isolation are key, the CDC believes, but “the existence of presymptomatic or asymptomatic transmission would present difficult challenges to contact tracing.”

China and Washington State noted the possibility of presymptomatic and asymptomatic conditions but it wasn’t as definitive as this study.

The study refers to the virus as SARS-CoV-2 [aka coronavirus or Wuhan Virus from China or Chinese Communist Party Virus] in the study.  The virus causes a disease known as COVID-19.

Symptoms include fatigue, fever, shortness of breath, and diarrhea.


The CDC is considering telling everyone to wear masks when they leave home. Governor Newsom of California and Mayor Garcetti of LA have told residents they should wear masks. In California, they now assume that if you are feeling fine, you could be infected and infecting others.

The CDC originally said to not wear masks.

It is believed that one in four patients will never show symptoms and patients can spread the virus for 48 hours before beginning to show signs of illness, according to CDC Director Dr. Robert Redfield, The Epoch Times reports.


New York has 6% of the nation’s population but 42% of the cases.

In New York, the numbers of cases doubled in 72 hours and other hot spots are popping up. Someone has to look at why it was so much worse in New York and New Jersey than anywhere else without a jaundiced eye and without political correctness interfering.

NBC ‘News’ made a point of saying that the federal stockpile is nearly depleted, but that is because the Trump administration is having medical supplies sent directly to the neediest. NBC and the rest of the media neglect to mention that fact.


At the same time, the DOJ is confiscating hoarded medical supplies and sending them to New York and New Jersey.

The Justice Department announced the distribution of hoarded personal protective equipment (PPE), including approximately 192,000 N95 respirator masks, to those on the frontline of the novel coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) response in New York and New Jersey.

In addition to the N95 respirator masks, the supplies found included 598,000 medical grade gloves and 130,000 surgical masks, procedure masks, N100 masks, surgical gowns, disinfectant towels, particulate filters, bottles of hand sanitizer, and bottles of spray disinfectant.

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Mic J Palazzolo
Mic J Palazzolo
3 years ago

No shit…

The Prisoner
The Prisoner
3 years ago

The CDC is run by speculative quacks who appear to be part of the plan to collapse the US economy.

Any virus can be transmitted before symptoms show, and often symptoms never show.

They are trying to create unreasonable fears by citing things already known as if new.

A State Of Mind
A State Of Mind
3 years ago

Aren’t the masks for the already infected?
I’m sure there are people who have recovered and they will have the antibodies.
The ‘elites’ will make sure they have the cure but none for us.
Sticking to gloves on while out in public, hand washing several times daily, high dose of vitamin c, leafy vegetables, green tea, turmeric, staying hydrated.
Already had a strictly controlled diet regime of no gluten, minimal carbs or keto, no cholesterol, no processed Frankenfoods and lots of exercise. Protein from fish and meats but not excessively.