CdeBaca Wants “White Blood Businesses” to Pay Taxes for Black Businesses


A Democrat Socialist Denver City Council member, Candi CdeBaca [not a spelling error] says capitalism was built “on stolen land, stolen labor, and stolen resources and a check today could not undo the cumulative impact of generations of that stolen wealth in all of those categories.”

She claims the Business Improvement District steals from the community through taxation. CdeBaca wants white people to pay extra taxes from “white blood businesses” and redistribute them to black and brown owned businesses.

The woman is a raging lunatic racist and everyone is just sitting around listening as if she’s making sense.

City, State and Federal governments are being turned over to every radical, marginal nut, and they are destroying the culture and values from within.

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LaDelle Jackson
LaDelle Jackson
4 months ago

Well that’s funny. The obese gal must be including the half-white blak albino Obama in that white business thing. lol

Tim Kuehl
Tim Kuehl
4 months ago

Colorado has been Californicated for years and this is the result. It’s happening in other states where common sense prevailed until leftists from California and the east coast fled and are currently fleeing to these states after they destroyed their own states.