NBC ‘News’: 8 of Georgia’s ‘Fake Electors’ Received Immunity


According to NBC ‘News,’ at least eight of Georgia’s “fake electors” have received immunity deals in the 2020 election.

They agreed to interviews with prosecutors in the Stalinesque Georgia investigation into state Republicans, Donald Trump, and his allies. The Soros District Attorney of Fulton County, Fani Willis, ran for office on the get Trump platform.

She’s trying to build a RICO case – not satire!

More than a dozen individuals signed a certificate falsely declaring that Trump had won Georgia in the 2020 election and declared themselves Georgia’s “duly elected and qualified” electors. Georgia has 16 electors in the Electoral College,” the biased ‘news’ outlet wrote.

“Attorney Kimberly Debrow represents some of the electors. She objected to apparent concerns that the electors had incriminated one another, writing, “All of the electors remain united in their collective innocence and defenses, and none testified or believe that they or any other elector committed any wrongdoing, much less ‘criminal acts.’”

All that happened is people the prosecutors are targeting wouldn’t sit for an interview without immunity. Prosecutors gave them immunity. NBC is using it to bash Donald Trump.

The oddball Wiccan grand jury foreperson Emily Kohrs said they recommended an indictment of more than a dozen people.


In March, a leak out of Fani Willis’s office suggested she was preparing RICO charges against Donald Trump as if he were a Mafia kingpin.

The case is built around Donald Trump’s comment to Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger. DJT wanted Raffensperger to look for his voters. He didn’t mean to do it illegally. It was a call with dozens of people listening in, and in no way could DJT have been asking Raffensperger to break the law. DJT didn’t believe he lost Georgia, and was convinced the vote had to be illegal.

Willis’s office was dysfunctional and she had to remove herself from much of the probe.

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