Celebrities Now Pushing Us to Eat Bugs – No, No, and Nope


The World Economic Forum is pushing bug eating, using celebrity puppets to convince the peasants to do it for the climate. As Empress Aja says below, “no, no, and nope.”

Governments around the world seem intent on destroying farms. Protests are now taking place worldwide, and people wonder what they expect us to eat. Well, wonder no more. They want us to eat bugs.

The United Nations and the World Economic Forum want us to eat insects. We’ve known this for a while but probably didn’t take it too seriously. However, now that governments are jumping to meet the WEF and UN mandates for climate change, we should take it very seriously.

In 2013, the UN’s Food and Agricultural Organization published a 200-page report touting insects as an underutilized food source. Since then, groups such as the Gates Foundation and the World Economic Forum have been trying to normalize eating insects.

The WEF has published numerous articles detailing the benefits of eating insects over the years. The push is in high gear now.

Celebrities are pushing the eating of bugs. They have no shame when it comes to their climate hoax. In the first clip, Mark Steyn discusses bug eating with Lady Leilani Dowding. That’s followed by crazy Angelina Jolie eating tarantulas and feeding them to children. That’s followed by Nicole Kidman eating live worms, and a clip of other celebrities pretending eating bugs is a good thing.

As for the climate hoax, listen to the late great Paul Harvey.

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