LA Supervisors Give Themselves Power to Remove Sheriff for Doing His Job


The Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors voted to give themselves the power to call for a special election to remove Sheriff Villanueva on election day. It sounds like it violates the California constitution. Sheriff Villanueva thinks it’s unconstitutional.

The BOS has a recall process they can use.

They’re overriding the voters, and they are interfering in the election. He is up for reelection this November.

The BOS is enraged because he cleaned up the filthy, dangerous homeless camps. They are trying to remove him for cause. In this case, the cause is him doing his job.

Villanueva, a Democrat, criticized the Black Lives Matter movement, an antii-police hate group, and opposed efforts to “defund the police.” He refused to enforce draconian coronavirus restrictions on local businesses, resisted vaccine mandates on his officers, and blasted the supervisors for the county’s problems with homelessness.

Larry Elder suggested, “Instead of allowing the Los Angeles County Supervisors to remove Los Angeles County Sheriff Alex Villanueva—for the crime of attempting to fight crime—how about a proposal to remove the four Los Angeles County Supervisors who want Villanueva removed?”


They think they’re humane leaving drug-addicted homeless people on the streets.

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