Cell phone apps to monitor quarantine and social media compliance


Australia is a serious test case for turning one of the freest nations in the world into one that is tightly controlled by technology in the hands of totalitarians who are incrementally tightening their grasp.

Australia is a penal colony once again.

Americans should care because it’s coming here. Australia and New Zealand are employing technology, sometimes starting in pilot programs, to merge the objectives of the surveillance police state and citizen compliance.

The Dark Turn Even Wakes the Far-Left

Even the far-left The Atlantic magazine sees the dark turn both nations have taken. They report the news of one state in South Australia testing an app that combines facial recognition and geolocation. People who travel within Australia must carry the app and when the state texts them at random times, they have to text a photo of themselves within 15 minutes. If they don’t, the Police show up.

It operates like a passport.

It’s already happening in Western Australia and Tasmania.

The State is monitoring the status of every citizen’s compliance, using COVID as the excuse now that enough people have become sufficiently afraid, convinced those who don’t comply are potential murderers.

Everyone can be Typhoid Mary if you will.

Premier Steven Marshall explained. “I think every South Australian should feel pretty proud that we are the national pilot for the home-based quarantine app.”

Darkness Over Social Media

There’s another use of technology meriting immediate concern. The 100 points of ID and facial recognition the Australian government might require before an Aussie can use social media. If they ‘abuse’ social media, the government will know immediately and take action. No one will be anonymous. Lawsuits and even criminal prosecution are on the table. Speech will be tightly controlled.

Orwell Nailed It

Once the people in control get past the news cycle and the onslaught of protests is quashed, people will get used to it showing up on every cell phone. People will be worn out and relent. Compliance becomes easy thanks to technological advances mimicking the Maoists in China beyond even their wildest dreams.

The USA is a lot less free than it was even a year ago as corporations, unelected bureacrats, and political parties merge to form the control state. Activist partisans like Rochelle Walensky, the CDC director, get to control your life.

People succumb to contact tracing because they want to be safe. The nuisance on the phones with the emerging surveillance apps keeps them safe as does the police state which forces compliance when all else fails.

They will know where you are.

The surveillance state in the hands of the few with all the power, what could possibly go wrong?

As The Great Reset and One World Government emerges as a potential reality, technology will be used to make it work, not for the people, but for the elite. The technology developed today could be used to control and rule over the masses with a technological net spanning the earth from the Cloud.

If you think you will escape it by going off the grid, look to the Chinese communists who give everyone a smartphone and they’d better have it charged.

Orwell was right.

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2 years ago

They are in Quarantine / Lockdown until the end of October. Many must see this as continuous extended vacation time, glued to their phones, no less.


2 years ago