OpenWeb [Trust & Safety] Censors Control Who Makes $$$


I accidentally received a letter from a marketing company meant for another conservative outlet approving them for ads because they were okayed by OpenWeb’s Trust & Safety. It’s distressing to know that conservative sites play into this censorship game, but Sentinel doesn’t do this for money, and we don’t have to pay staff. We have volunteers, so it’s different for the Sentinel.

As you read through this, you will see that the marketing and ad companies are teaming up to allow only censored articles to make money.

This comes as no surprise. Currently, I’m being bombarded with censorship, and it’s going to get worse.


OpenWeb isn’t really open. They say they “aspire to build communities where content creators, users, and readers feel safe and included. Fostering safe communities for publishers through moderation of comments is what we do.”

“Publishers, advertisers, and the communities they serve need more from the web. Their demand for expanded digital trust and safety has powered our growth at OpenWeb.”

They acquired AdYouLike and Jeeng to “diversity monetization channels” for their publisher partners.

They support “community safety” and “growth opportunities.”

“Policies and Enforcement” [of Open Web]

In 2021, in partnership with civil societies and industry associations, we released Publisher and Moderation Standards to ensure a civil and inclusive OpenWeb network of publishers partners. We use our Publisher Policy to align with our partners, identify gaps to improve, and use our Moderation Policy to enforce those improvements.  We support our partners to prevent and remedy content in the commenting space that involves: 

    • Illegal acts;
    • Hate speech;
    • Violence;
    • Pornographic content;
    • Doxxing;
    • Content that knowingly spreads disinformation;
    • Defamation;
    • Any content directed at children under the age of 13 that does not comply with national laws aimed at protecting the online privacy of minors (i.e., COPPA in U.S.A).

We enforce the Policies through our Trust and Safety Team leveraging artificial intelligence with humans in the loop. The improvement we see every day drives us to take on more partners and more moderation challenges.

Our partnerships with publishers are typically positive and collaborative. However, at times, when necessary corrections to improve civility and safety are not implemented by the publishers, we end our partnerships with them.

One of the presidents of the outlet in question is the former political director at ABC News as the Editor-At-Large. ABC is one of the worst.

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2 months ago

Their following in hitlers foot steps. To the T. The 4th riech did the exact same thing. Only difference is now they’re using the internet and television, along with the radio and the press. Back then it was only the radio and the press. Those who do not learn from the past are destined to repeat it.

2 months ago

That’s why globalism will never work in a million years. It is the tower of babel. The definition of babel is confusion. And that’s exactly what globalism is. Watch and learn.

2 months ago
Reply to  Anonymous

Shadow Banning, is the censorship of people, and content of opposing view points, and promoting alternative viewpoints by means of machine learning – AI. And in some instances from behind scenes, actual human manipulation of content, authentic and artificially manufactured content is used, in an attempt to influence ones political and social behavior, and for advertising and marketing.

“Normative social influence” refers to performing a behavior or supporting an opinion in order to gain acceptance from surrounding peers. The goal is to force one unknowingly into an artificially manufactured environment. You may not agree with the content or behavior, but carry out the behavior anyway to avoid censure and rejection. Also known as “BRAIN WASHING”.