Central Bank Digital Currency, The Fatal Blow to Freedom


“Central bank digital currency (CBDC) will end human freedom. Don’t fall for the assurances of safeguards, the promises of anonymity, and data protection. They are all deceptions and diversions to obscure the malevolent intent behind the global rollout of CBDC,” Lain Davis writes on Zero Hedge.

Davis says the centralized digital currency is the “most comprehensive, far-reaching, authoritarian social control mechanism ever devised.” It can become a centralized global CBDC surveillance and control system.

Bankers could become our rulers. Digital currency is software, and it’s programmable. Without legislation, they can regulate all of our money. There will be “genuinely unprecedented levels of surveillance, as every transaction we make will be monitored and controlled.”

CATO writes, “Unlike paper dollars, it would offer neither the privacy protections nor the finality that cash provides.” It doesn’t offer any unique benefits, but “it would pose serious risks. It ends what little financial privacy protections that remain.

In Nigeria, people have taken to the streets due to the nation’s cash shortage. The nation implemented cash restrictions aimed at pushing the nation into a 100% cashless society. The people are demanding the return of cash. Stupidly, the officials aren’t listening to the people.

If we had a normal administration, they’d learn from Nigeria’s mistake. People are afraid the Biden regime will use the SVB failure as a guise for pushing Central Bank Digital Currency.

Legislation is now going through states, starting with South Dakota, that will “will better facilitate CBDC rather than blocking it and will pre-emptively ban Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as a decentralized option to escape from this looming menace,” Daniel Horowitz wrote at the Blaze.

Authoritarian Joe Biden, backed by WormTongue (Obama), is eager to go to CBDC:

Kristi Noem is going to fight it:

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