CEOs Can Influence the Election But Not James Woods


The New York Times reports that the CEOs of some companies are unhappy with the President’s immigration policies. Apparently, they prefer open borders.

The article lists three companies who are now forming a “coalition” to do their part to increase voter turnout.  Three of the major companies listed are Walmart, Patagonia, and Lyft.

The Times writes that the participating companies all insist that the effort, called Time to Vote, is nonpartisan. They say they are concerned with persistently low voter turnout rates and want their employees and customers to get to the polls on Nov. 6.

It doesn’t sound non-partisan. They appear to be attempting to influence the election, at least more than James Woods did.

Actor and conservative firebrand James Woods sent out a meme mocking the soy boys and he was locked out of Twitter for possibly trying to influence the election.

This is the tweet.

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