Chancellor Scholz Thinks Arms Deliveries Will Get Russia to Concede


Germany’s Chancellor Olaf Scholz spoke at the Munich Security Council and said the West must prepare for a “long” war against Russia. He stated that Germany and the allies should pour weapons and tanks into the conflict. That’s what he believes will get Putin to concede.

“It is not our arms deliveries that prolong the war. The opposite is true,” Scholz claimed.

“The earlier President Putin realizes that he is not achieving his imperialist goal, the greater the chance of an early end of the war, of withdrawal of Russian conquest troops.”

They really seem to think Putin will come to some realization and give up. Amazing. Vladimir Putin thinks NATO in Ukraine is an existential threat and will not stop without concessions.

He will avoid escalation with arms and tanks?

Yet while Scholz called for ramped-up arms and tank deliveries for Ukraine, he cautioned against unnecessary escalation, claiming: “For the first time in our history, a nuclear power is waging an imperialist war of aggression here on European soil… There is no blueprint for that.”

Scholz indirectly said they would avoid escalation with arms deliveries, so he’s sending Leopard tanks, the UK sending long-range missiles, and Biden declaring Russia war criminals. They are signaling that they want regime change. And, they want us to believe that will discourage Putin?

Who do they think they will get to replace Putin? The reasoning appears lacking. What do you think?

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He said that for “all open and democratic societies, like our own, it’s absolutely crucial that we become more resilient overall that will not be achieved by deglobalization, not by turning our backs on the world…”

We aren’t turning our backs on the world. We’re inviting the world into our country illegally to help turn us into a globalist nightmare engulfed in endless wars.

Arms deliveries escalate the war. They don’t help a thing. Negotiations help more.


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