Chaos as NY Loons Gather for a Witches Hex on Justice Kavanaugh


As you have probably heard, witches gathered at the Catland occult bookstore this evening to put a hex on Justice Kavanaugh. They say they put three hexes on the President last year that worked.

Jesse Waters interviewed the head witch on Fox News. He’s an LBGTQ witch.

Journalist Caleb Maupin tweeted: Tonight in was an absolute circus. Witches. Christian evangelists. Antifa. Russia hating pseudo-leftists. Drag queens in witch costumes. Pagans who claim the ceremony violates the laws of the religion. Satanists. I’m so tired of Politics.

Antifa, the anti-fascist fascists were present to protect the evil witches of course.

A Catholic exorcist is holding a Mass to counter the hex.

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Ed Smith
Ed Smith
4 years ago

OMG! I thought the “thing” with the GIRL hat was a cartoon, until he (it?) talked.

James Flint
James Flint
4 years ago

look xD they seriously puted a smiled trump face photo on that doll

I only see too much winning here xD

trump even pinned as voodoo doll is smiling and not giving any fvcks xDD

4 years ago

Considering that Bushwick is still gentrifying and a large block of Hispanics continue to live there, i.e., Hispanics and Blacks who do not appreciate being evicted from their homes by white trust fund babies, I can’t help but wonder how many Santeria rituals were held at the same time and candles burned to counter the rituals of these evil bastards?

And yet, POTUS and the American people are still WINNING.

Newton Love
Newton Love
4 years ago

This is soooo funny!

When President Donald J. Trump (PDJT) was inaugurated, those witches promised to get together on every Waning Crescent Moon to cast hexes on PDJT, to prevent him from achieving ANY of his agenda items.

But in October 2018, after 20 such hexings, PDJT announced his list of 289 accomplishments in office.

Hah ha ha ha ha ha! Those are some POWERFUL witches!

Now they are going to apply their Black Magic hexes against US SC Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

I predict a comparable success, like they had against PDJT!

michael vierra
4 years ago

OMG ! I done finally saw me a frikking Gothopottamus herd in the wild !

D. Linz
D. Linz
4 years ago
Reply to  michael vierra

To see one in its natural environment is EXTREMELY rare. Great find!